Although Raw has not been dynamite on a consistent basis, “Great Balls of Fire” looks surprisingly good on paper, despite the terrible name of the show. I’m intrigued by this show because Brock Lesnar, the Universal Champion, and Braun Strowman, one of my favorite wrestlers today, will finally be returning to pay per view.


The first match of the evening will be the Cruiserweight Title Match between the champion, Neville and the challenger, Akira Tozawa on the kick-off show. Tozawa is now a reluctant member to the Titus Brand, joining Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. O’Neil has been coaching Tozawa up by attempting to get him to do whatever it takes to win, including cheating. Neville has continued his roll as champion, and I can’t see him losing it yet as he is head and shoulders above everyone in the division. Tozawa is great as well, but he will not end Neville’s championship reign of six months.


Big Cass will destroy Enzo Amore. This is the only option going forward if the WWE wants to do things right by Cass. He is a potential future main-eventer for the company, and he should not be threatened by somebody who is half of his size. I’m hoping that after this feud, Enzo will move to the cruiserweight division to breathe some more life to the substandard roster that lacks personality.


The Miz will retain his Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose. The challenger was not the most interesting champion so I’m thinking that the WWE will stay the course with The Miz, who generates a reaction every time he grabs the microphone. Look for The Miz’s new entourage, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, to help him with the victory. Hopefully The Miz will move on to a different challenger after this show as this feud has been going on for months.


Another feud that has been going for far too long is the Tag Team Title rivalry between The Hardy Boyz and Shesaro (Sheamus and Cesaro). Shesaro won the titles from The Hardy Boyz last month at Extreme Rules. These two teams have been fighting every Monday on Raw for the past two months and, while the matches have been acceptable, I’ve grown tired of watching it week in and week out. This time the two teams will have a thirty minute Iron Man Match, where the team with the most decisions after the allotted amount of time will leave as champions. If Shesaro loses, that means more unwanted rematches for the future. Both teams need to move on from each other after this show.


Does anybody care about the Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins feud? The former just rambles on and on, while not saying anything of note, while Rollins is floundering as one of the top babyfaces on Raw. I’ll go with Rollins to win this match because Wyatt doesn’t normally win, and Rollins is the new cover-boy for the new WWE video game.


I predict that there will be a new Raw Women’s Champion crowned at “Great Balls of Fire” when Sasha Banks beats Alexa Bliss. Banks was a part of a good main event match on Raw when she made Nia Jax tap out. Bliss has done much better than expected as champion, but Banks needs another big win to solidify her as a big player in the division. This may lead to jealousy from Bayley, Sasha’s best friend.


Because Roman Reigns will fight for the Universal Championship at Summerslam in August, I have to think that he will unfortunately beat the returning Braun Strowman in order to make a big statement. This will be an Ambulance Match, where the winner has to beat up his opponent so badly that they will be placed at the back of the ambulance. After the back door is closed, the match is over. This match will be good fun at the very worst.


The main event will be Brock Lesnar taking on the challenger to the Universal Title, Samoa Joe. I have to think that this will be a match of the year candidate. These two big bulls will destroy each other. Lesnar will retain because this is his first title defense since winning the title at Wrestlemania, but Joe will look strong in defeat, and hopefully, the WWE will capitalize on this and not make Joe an afterthought going forward in the coming weeks leading into Summerslam.


Despite what I have said about some of the matches, I am still looking forward to this show. The wrestling itself from beginning to end will be sure to be good to great throughout the entire night. Hopefully, many of the feuds will be wrapped up at this show so that we can move on to something new for Summerslam.