by Dwayne

I previously discussed why I think Roman Reigns would make a good heel. In this article, I talk why I believe Reigns heel turn is tantalizingly close.

First, I want to provide some context for this article. I am new wrestling fan, my viewing history is a little more than 4 months. In those four months, I attended a house show in a local arena, watched Starcade ’85, and Wrestlemania I, I say that to show that I am new, but I have some exposure to wrestling. I am in no way a walking encyclopedia of wrestling arcana, my partner OJ is a walking encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge. OJ has been watching wrestling from the time he way seven years old.

As our writing project progressed, he has shown me a lot of wrestling history and answered all of my new fan questions. In fact, the reason we write a wrestling blog is that we caught a Monday Night Raw with the express promise that I would give it a chance. He explained to me the difference between “fake” and “predetermined finish” and we came to the agreement that I respected the wrestlers as athletes and entertainers.  I was cool with that.

What I did not expect was how much I loved the story-telling that was unfolding before my eyes. I loved and continue to love the showmanship. Since that first show, we have watched almost every show either live, or on the network. We have gone to a house show, bought $10 beers, and cheered for AJ Styles as he defended his title against Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin in a triple threat match. We agree on a lot of things, we do not agree on this.

OJ believes that Roman Reigns is damaged goods and that he was rushed to fast; as result, the universe rejected him and will always reject him. I argue that Reigns should become a heel and in fact is in the process of becoming a heel right before our eyes.

Reason 1: The “Universe” hates him already.

On tonight’s show, Reigns was booed mercilessly. He pushed through his promo and he looked good doing it; I just wish he would have addressed the crowd like he did in last month’s show.

Reason 2: Roman Reigns’s trash talk is on point.

In a show last month, Reigns got booed loudly. Usually, he does not address it, and gives a robotic delivered line. This time he told the fans that if they would shut up they might like his message. It was awesome and he looked like he enjoyed letting out some aggression at his biggest tormentors.

Reason 3: Roman Reigns is damaged goods.

My boy OJ tells me that Reigns was pushed too fast onto the scene too quickly. Some fans believe that he did not earn the success he achieved. The nail in coffin for Reigns was probably when he retired “The Undertaker.”

My take

I think that Reigns is in the midst of a heel turn. People will lie to themselves about their passion for Reigns, but as Reggie Jackson once said, “Fans don’t boo nobodies.” Love him or hate him, almost every wrestling fan has a reaction to Reigns. Passion, love and hate, stem from the same emotion. If you are capable of love you are capable of hate. The reverse holds true, if you are capable of hate, you are capable of love.

Since passions stem from the same emotion, it is easy for the writers to manipulate us emotionally. In this instance, I think the writers are providing Reigns opportunities to show a little bit of his edge. Some of those instances include: 1) his trash talk, 2) meeting violence with violence against Braun, 3) reminding us that Reigns abandoned “The Shield” by pairing up Ambrose and Rollins again.

All of these little subtle things provide just enough evidence for me to hope that we are due for a Reigns heel turn by the end of the year.